Tricia Has Been Arrested!
Tricia McFadden Mughsot From the Orange County Sheriff's Office case#: ocpd160ff004509 -- ocpd phone: 407.905.3160 -- me:
Tricia McFadden Updates
On 10/26/2016 Patricia (Tricia) McFadden burglarized my home and shop while I was at work, and stole about 1200$ worth of DeWalt Power Tools I had recently purchased to clean up my property after hurricane Matthew. After looking over video from my Vivint security system, I saw a woman whom I did not know, walking around my property and taking these items. Through the clear pictures and videos, she was soon identified as Tricia McFadden.

Due to the publicity of the website, on 10/28/2016, I was contacted by Tricia's parents who offered to return all my tools. Tricia's parents were nice enough to collect all my tools and return them to me, yet at that time her parents claimed not to know her location. On 10/31/2016 Detectives from the Ocoee Police Department tracked down Tricia, who claims that a mystery woman who was at my home let her in, and told her she was welcome to take anything she wanted. This is of course not true, but as detectives, it's their duty to investigate this claim, and that is what they are doing. For those following along with this case, I will update this area here with any new developments.

At this time, I do want to take the opportunity to thank a few people and groups. First, I want to thank the Ocoee Police Department, in particular Detective Motes, for his professional handing of a seemly routine burglary case. Second, I would like to thank News6 (, in particular Erik Sandoval, who cared enough to report on this, and help a homeowner recover his stolen property. Lastly, I would like to thank the Facebook group Ocoee- Raves, Rants and Reviews, who played a large role in identifying the suspect Tricia McFadden.

As of 11/03/2016 at 3:30PM Tricia McFadden has been arrested for the theft of my tools and is on her way to be booked into the Orange County Jail. I will update the site here once she is booked in, and list what the actual charges are. I also intend to keep this page up to document the court process, I'm curious to see if she will actually get any prison time, or if she will get another slap on the wrist.

As of 11/05/2016 Tricia McFadden has bonded out of jail. She was charged with two felonies in reference my case, and even with her extensive criminal history, she was only given a two-thousand dollar bond, which means her parents only had to come up with $200 to get her out of jail. I understand the system has a presumption of innocence, and that needs to play out, but man, $200 is pretty cheap for someone with that type of record.

As of 11/23/2016 I added Tricia's arrest report in PDF format, if you would like to read over this, you can scroll down towards the bottom of the page, it's in PDF format, and located just above her previous criminal history.

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Tricia's Arrest Report (PDF 4 Pages)

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Tricia's Criminal History (24 Pages)

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